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Real time values of more than 100 currencies on the go!

What makes our iExchange app different from the other applications in the market is the ease of use and room for customization. We source our rates from one of the pioneers in the industry, xe.com. Our free version is capable of meeting all your needs by supporting monitoring rates of 10 currencies at a time. However, if you wish to add more, you can purchase the application for $1.99, and you can extend your limit up to 20 currencies. iExchange is not just an app which shows only the exchange rates, you can even create your own formula with different currencies. Not clear right? We heard you USD100+GBP500=EUR-XX. Yes, you can mix up different currencies and find the real-time value in a single currency of your choice. You can even save it for future use as well. We also provide the history of exchange rates between two currencies way back to 1 year from now.

  • Creating your own formula with multiple currencies and saving them.

  • Sharing the rate/formula info with your contacts swiftly.

  • Copy paste the rate info into other applications.

  • Added convenience of a simple calculator.

  • We now supports real-time stock exchange rate data for 30+ Countries and 25,000+ Stocks.

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